Our Story

We are a young IT company based in La Paz, Bolivia.


We have been around since the beginning of 2019 - founded by a Bolivian mechatronics engineer and a Swiss IT engineer.

Out of the demand for support in existing projects and the offer of many talents in La Paz, we took the opportunity to gather a small team around us.

We named this community of talented and creative people kreadyf.


We do not only work as a lonely mountain people on 3'600m altitude, but - for a part of our clientele from Europe - together with partners from Switzerland:

Treesult GmbH

tgs Informatik GmbH



kreadyf S.R.L. is a company legally registered in Bolivia with full transparency. The whole team is employed by us with all legal social benefits and taxes. We are also open regarding this issue and will be happy to answer your questions.

Team Clients