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We are a young startup company based in La Paz, Bolivia.
We offer custom software development and engineering services.

We are there for you

Enterprise Application Development

With great experience we develop large applications that connect different systems and industries. Even if you need "something" but don't know exactly what - we can certainly help you!

Software development for the financial sector

We can rely on a large know-how pool in the area of financial applications. Whether automated trading or hedging or the optimization of internal finance controlling processes - we can certainly help you.

Websites and Apps

Not everything is always Enterprise or Supermegadistributed. We are also happy to help you with websites or mobile apps for your business. Professional and drawing on extensive experience.

Integrated Machine Learning

No more unguided image analysis and hoping for magic. We use machine learning where it makes sense. Integrated into classic logic and existing systems.

Offshore and still close by

For our offshore customer base, we are close to them through modern technology and our communication skills in various languages. However, we are happy to offer our services to our local customers and partners.

CEO and mechatronic engineer
Software architect
Senior developer
Frontend developer
IT infrastructure
Usability engineer

Clients, references and partners

Technologies - our tools in daily use

We would rather help you to find solutions in as many areas as possible than offer many technologies for one area. What we can do, we master well.

kreadyf S.R.L
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La Paz, Bolivia